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We invest our hearts,

as well as our heads

Flywheel Partners is an independent investment firm that is in the business of purposeful capital. We are focused on investing in companies typically generating between £2-10m of profit with significant growth potential. We work with exceptional management teams and other strategically aligned partners to help businesses unlock value and realise their full potential.



(Noun) A revolving wheel in a machine which is used to increase the machine's momentum, provide greater stability and a reserve of available power.

Success is
better shared

Our partnership was founded on a set of values that drive the way we do business from the inside out.

Our purpose
in practice

We see it as the greatest privilege when partners bring us into their world. We’ve helped some extraordinary teams build businesses of purpose.

We invest
our values

We have one partnership principle: a shared commitment to shared purpose. It’s what all our values point towards.

Our Story

Flywheel Partners is led by a team of experienced and passionate investors. Backed by long-term equity capital, we are not driven by a corporate mentality. Instead, we invest our flexible and patient capital to achieve shared goals over time.


We sit on the same side of the table

When it comes to our partners, we believe it’s vital to have a passion that matches theirs.

This is why we invest ourselves, to create something that endures.


No two businesses are the same

Neither are relationships, yet investors sometimes treat them that way. We believe that a

template-free approach is the only way to make a real impact. This means getting to the

core of each and every business and drawing on our capabilities and network to build a

bespoke partnership, unique to the business' needs.

Our Story

Think like an investor. Act like a founder.​

We look for something different in our partners – people who are

dedicated to the bigger picture, and who are driven by the same values

as us. That’s because we like to invest ourselves in businesses, and are

as passionate about where they’re headed as their founders are.

Our team have invested in and helped to grow numerous businesses.

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Our Experience

Our Experience

Our Values

Shared purpose is the North Star that guides all our strategic decisions

and enables us to build lasting relationships and meaningful businesses.

We're not 

We don't just watch from the sidelines. We believe if you

want to build something

great, sometimes you have to roll up your sleeves and join in.

We say it
how we see it

The cornerstone of trust is transparency. When you stay true to what you believe in, you attract like-minded partners who want the same things.

Our relationships
aren't for trading

Success isn’t measured by spreadsheets. We believe in helping businesses reach their full potential - that’s where true value lies.

Our Values
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